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Friday, February 22, 2013


Please excuse the poor lighting a poor quality of the iPhone pictures. But I had to post, for my own memory if for nothing else. A moment before I snapped this picture Wyn was cuddled up in my pocket (the space behind my knees when I lay on the couch) and Pais came running up to me and said "Go!", luckily I speak Paisley so I knew she meant come. So I leaned over and and Pais brushed my hair out of my face so she could kiss me. Seconds later I melted all over the floor. Sigh.... Then she ran behind our easel and drew on the wall and I cursed under my breathe. Proof that perfect moments happen to the imperfect and that I'm living with toddlers.

As I'm approaching my last day at the hospital at the hill I'm getting more and more excited to spend my days with these tiny humans. Excited for the intimacy that comes with staying at home with kids. Knowing my girls and all their quirky, wonderful, funny, stylish and moody ways.

As I've been approaching my last day many people have been overjoyed with me but some have felt a need to put a negative spin on what I count to be joy. Telling me my mind will turn to mush or someday I'll get sick of only being known as "Wyndham and Paisley's mom". I'm not sure that I'll ever get sick of being know as their mom. In my heart I know that I am much more than 'just a mother' but at the same time I know that my identity will forever be intertwined with my role as their mother. I know that someday they will not need me. My goal is to teach them to love and respect me but not need me. To only need God and love him first and love their spouse second. To teach them to have roots and wings.

Someday they will have wings with which they will leave my nest. But for now, for now I cherish post nap snuggles, unprovoked kisses, middle of the night rocking, impromptu picnics at the park, temper tantrums and working through toddler emotions. All the ups and downs I treasure. I love ever moment of the wonderful and many times trying toddler years.

Instafriday || life lately according to my iPhone

Life lately.

life rearranged

i’m linking up my weekly cell phone pics with jeannett {} this week! i’m momaghan84 on instagram if you want to follow me!

me and sis as babies.  army brats. thanks for the fringe mom. 
what a baby giraffe looks like eating a donut. 

Wyn donut lovin. 

from the weekend photo shoots. 

vintage pamela. 
me new green shoesies.

downing some conversation hearts. 

melt my heart....

old window crafts. 

be nice. 

impromptu picnic at the park. 

glimpse of them in 13 years. scary. 
80 year old paisley in her rocker. 

photo booth props. 
V-day photo probs. 

orange and turq room makeover. 
6 years on on Feb 9th. 

fav.  tutu love!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

6 years ago today

6 years ago today my best friend was waiting for me on one knee, in room filled with candles and his grandmothers diamond in hand. Thank you for being the most gracious, patient, witty, funny, godly and kind man I know. You point me toward Christ everyday. You rock trophy husband.

Here are a few pictures from our engagement sesh. We are babies, wow!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Instafriday || life lately according to my iPhone

Life lately.

i’m linking up my weekly cell phone pics with jeannett {} this week! i’m momaghan84 on instagram if you want to follow me!

valetines craft || part of a backdrop for a fellow photographer

dunkin gift cards for the girls || valentine's day gift from the grandparents for my dunut lovin monkies

best. duck. tape. ever.
turq and orange anthro knobs || part of the bedroom reno (:

wynd & paisley co. stationary set for sweet baby bennett

too much gold?  never my child. never.

bunny gloves on sissy monaghan.  thanks linds!

just a little more gold || I love gold!  {i can't say that without using the voice from goldmember... i'm strange.}

church besties.  Just playing with the PK's.

dunkin saturday kind of happy.

new shades from hubba hubba.

coffee date to discuss politics and the meaning of life.

throw back to Paisley's quick and woderful birth.  in honor of her 1/2 birthday.

wyn's 3 b-day shoot.

new wall signage

sleepyhead snuggles with pais. favorite.

snagging kisses in my hot pink ombre'  D&G glasses.

herbivore. freezing some cilantro.

my crazy ginger.  love her.

top- pinterest version. bottom one- me. nailed it!

post nap messy piggies.

doctor sis.

ready to brave the cold.  brrrr!