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Friday, July 2, 2010

I Blog of This...

Of all the things to blog of, I blog of this:

Please oh please!! The lopsided afro alone is enough to send me into complete hysterics, and oh my word what an arr-tiisssttt. My best friend Jodi was flying to NY yesterday and while in the airport alerts of the catwoman burglar in NY were launched on the news. She texted me of the Catwoman burglar and explained the sitch, and not to be confused, the robber was not in fact a cat theft but merely a person dressed as a cat with the whiskers, tale, ears, whole 9 yards ~ as depicted in the detailed sketch. This event lead me to recall 2 other astounding recent events

1- Another costumed robbery, the 2 Leprechauns who wanted their pot of gold on St. Patty’s day. The however ended poorly… should you wish to read further:

2- This also reminds me of another NY event. While working for an unnamed recruiting company I staffed a few employees to work for me in the NY area. Some of the GEMS we came across… Guess that happens when you can only do phone interviews… Here is a sampling. ‘Tis an email that was sent explaining why she has a criminal record, or as she likes to refer to it as “on record”

"hello ---,

like i was explaining to yesterday. i have that record on me, because i was living in that apt. for 4 years, and then i start having rats in my apt. and he didnt want to do nothing about it, and i call the city on him, and i took him to court because of that, and he decide that he didnt want me to pay him, like that i can move out. and i was on court with him for over a year until the city help me to find another apt. and i didnt know that after that he put my name on record, until last year, i have to take him on court again to solve that matter."

Oh me, the things that make me laugh… the catwoman burglar, leprechauns on St. Patty’s and random emails of rats and being “on court”. Laugh may not be the right word, more so trying not to bust into hysterics BY MYSELF while reading this at work so that they don’t send me to be a consumer at our behavioral unit.