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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mommy Tips 101 || Edition 1

I'm starting this series because I am constantly impressed and amazed by moms. All of those other moms out there like me.  The mom's short on time, low on money and always feeling like their house is a mess. I like to pretend I'm a domestic goddess—I'm not, plain and simple I'm not. Although I love all things domestic –sewing, cooking, cleaning, organizing, working hard to make memories and traditions  etc… I'm far from having it mastered HOWEVER I love to hear how other people conquer it all! I work 3 days a week - which is somewhat new, I used to work full time with 2 little ones so I know
the struggles of being a working mom, and the craziness of getting kids up, dressed and out the door (and those occasional hiccups such as forgetting a bottle or diapers--yipes!), only to then come home and think "now what to make for dinner and how can the house possibly be this messy?". Being home 4 days a week I feel like I can also relate to the stay at home moms as well—the craziness that comes with being home with your kids all day and trying not to become unglued and the financial strains that come when you decide to take that leap and stay home.

So a little back story….

I have 2 little girls. Wyndham (2 ½) and Paisley (1). My husband and I knew that we wanted kids close together and knew it would be kind of wild for a little while.  But... we didn't exactly plan for 18 months apart, so when Wyndham was just over 9 months old and we found out I was baking a baby again we were a little shocked—but looking back now we love how it turned out and think we'll go ahead and keep them both.  And... I have no family around. Mom, Dad and all 3 sisters all live in Florida. So we know that craziness of balancing two kids pretty well! The double diaper duty, tossing diapers across the room, code brown in the tub kind of craziness!

So I have been bugging annoying polling my other mommy friends for their stories, advise and tips on how they do it. I plan to share on here lots of mommy tips, rookie mom mistakes (things that we have learned the hard way…), ways to save money, save time, and keep up on cleaning while still being a good mom! So many of these tips that my friends are sharing with me I really really wish I had asked about earlier. Seriously, MOMS NEED OTHER MOMS!! So sit back and enjoy the reads, there are some pretty hysterical stories to come as well!

Sunday, November 4, 2012