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Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Want List

Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker
This is currently #1 on my want list!  Steams and purees or blends food in a snap!  Its BPA free and amazing.  Thank you Beeba Babycook Food Maker.  Wish I would have had this for making homemade baby food for Wyndham, this is a must have, well really just a big want, for baby numero dos! :)

Stylish Blogger Award

Yay!  Someone likes my blog!  Somehow, perhaps by fluke, I was awarded a

Thanks so much Sarah at Sweet Pea & JoJo
Yay Me and my vintage blog background from ShappyBlogs!  And exciting news, the talented SKCOUCH is making me a new image!!  Soon to come!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Poncho Love :)

Sold a few more of these this month!  Apparently the Royal Blue and Black Giant print houndstooth was a hit this winter!  Which means I am currently out of this fabric...but have plenty more to choose from! Yay for Ponchos!


My Favorite of all favorite meals.  I literally could eat it EVERYDAY, and do, usually twice a day.  From oatmeal to eggs Benedict, I truly love it all!  Poor little Wyn was sick this week, and my favorite food when I'm sick is banana pancakes and so I made her some.  She LOVED them!  Seemed to cheer her up for about 12 minutes before she went back to just wanting momma to hold her, HATED that she was sick but was eating up all the cuddle time.    My ALL time favorite EVER is Banana and White Chocolate Chip Pancakes- no butter and light syrup on top- a little crispy around the edges and not too fluffy, I like them a touch on the flatter side.  YUMMMM!!! Delectable breakfast pics for you enjoyment!  
Love a good breakfast burrito!

My fav omelet is spinach, tomato and goat cheese!

Yea I'm def preggers ha!

{images all courtesy google}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Cool For School

This baby is just too funny! Not just because she is my own, but seriously she is hysterical! Check out these shots I snapped on my cell phone--hence the poor quality, sorry!

Rockin the fake mustache at 4 weeks old, do they make babies much cooler?  I think not. 

Elvis Costello wanna be, takes after daddy.

just chillin in her chair, leg up and bottle in hand, milkaholic

just trying to fill daddy's shoes while he's out!  She did this with no encouragement from me.  She is too funny!

chillin at the doc's office.  look at those chubby arms, ahaahah, love them!

Love our peanut!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Blog Layout

Same color them due to my obsession with yellow with hints of teal but new design, what are your thoughts folks???

Side note, I'm 12 weeks this week and finally starting to feel better and become awake again, praise the Dear Lord!!!  Therefore I will be back to my normal blogging and crafting soon.  Sorry for the temporary sabbatical... know ya'll were holding your breath haha!


1st Birthday Letter To Wyndham

I am a few days late in writing this letter to you my sweet, sweet, sweet daughter, but I suspect that in the grand scheme of things you won't hold that against me.  This past weekend we celebrated your one-year birthday.  It was a wonderful celebration attended by me, your dad, your Nanny, Poppy, our cousins Gail, Max and Derek, our neighbors and closest friend. We had some gourmet  PB&J sandwiches and a lovely giant cupcake that you quaintly poked at--so amusing. You were blessed with a wonderful selection of toys and gifts from loved ones.  And so far your favorite by far has been the drum set including several other noise maker that you received from the Gilmore boys (a big FAT THANKS to Michelle-- I will re-pay you for that gem!). 

It's hard to believe that a year ago you came into this world (on the coldest night of last winter--middle of the night mind you), and that this past year has gone by so very fast.  Life has never moved so fast before for your father and me. In fact there were many days and months that crept by at a snail's pace as we anxiously awaiting to find out if you were a girl or a boy in my tummy and then anxiously awaiting your late late late arrival. The love that has grown in our hearts over this first year was effortless.  It took me a little while to get into the swing of having someone needing me so very much—in a good way of course!  After we got down a routine most things were pretty smooth sailing and I loved that feeling of you needing and wanting me.  I want to thank you for making the first year of your life a very enjoyable one and EASY.  It was not only relatively easy, but really fun to watch you grow. You are such a good natured baby with the happiest disposition, everyone notices it.  You smile all the time and love to make others laugh at you and with you.  My cup runneth over!  The joy is indescribable.  If I had to pick one word to describe your first year I would pick happy. You were happy and our whole family has been happy. I think that you make everyone's life around you better.

Milestones. You smiled at 4 weeks (and a few times before while sleeping- we called those booby dreams-- which you may kill me for that someday...). You rolled over at 5 weeks, and consecutively did by 2 months. You sat up at 4 months. You ate your first baby food at 4 months and were eating hard food regularly at 7 months. Your first tooth came around 6 months. You started crawling (or inching as we called it) at 6 1/2  months and were soon a locomotion all over the place.  You started standing/pulling yourself up at 7 months (although you did stand up for the first time while still in the hospital, you have had incredibly strong legs since utero).  You have been finger tip walking since 8 months and at 10 months you took your first step.  As of now you will take sets of 3 to 10 steps at a time, but you currently crawl faster than you walk so you haven't completely mastered the art yet, but we call you a walker. You have said 3 words repeatedly and some others on rare occasion which we aren't really sure if you know that you said them or they just slipped out, either way we count you as genius!  1st  word was "baba",  2nd word was "da-da", which is now on occasion is "Dad"  and your 3rd word was "Momma", obviously your favorite word ; )
You have been on several plane rides, and to 3 other states outside of our wonderful state of Tennessee.  You should be considered a world traveler of babies.  We have flown to NJ and FL on several occasions.  We also drove to OH, which you were an angel the whole drive.  We will probably take those trip on several more occasions, something to look forward to!  On your first 3 flights most people didn't know I even had a baby as you were such an angel, you never made a peep.  However on our last 2 flights the whole plane knew you were present.  Not because you were bad, but because you had to make friends with everyone.  Poking you head up, around and about the seats to smile at people all around us until you were countered with a smile or laugh in return. 
You are truly such a fun baby!  You were the inspiration for Jared and Bethany to get pregnant.  You will soon meet baby Bennett, I just know that you will love her as you love everybody!  In addition to being a happy baby, you are a tester!  Something that your father thanks me for.  As we both like to test our limits.  When someone says stop we both have to do it just 1 more time.  Your favorite is to test your dad with the cabinet doors, it's so not funny but it soo is!  He will say stop and even give you little pop, you will sulk with your forehead against the cabinet door for a short moment but then once more you have to open the cabinet door, even if it's just the smallest fraction of a hair open.  Sorry that I passed this down.  My mom says I've always done the same thing.  Maybe it's our form of defiance ha!
This letter is definitely making you seem like an angelic figure, but there were times where you are not.  We had quite some issues with your eating habits!!  You nursed great from day 1, however trying to transition you to a bottle and formula were some traumatic moments for me.  It took me 11, yes 11 bottles to find one that you would take.  And you never really did care for the taste of formula, which I really don't blame you that stuff tastes nasty!   You did however love you some cow's milk, thank the dear Lord b/c i just could not make anymore!!  There were some rough nights when you were cutting teeth, but for the most part a good sleeper (started sleeping through the night consecutively  at 7 ½ weeks). One other issue we have had is your ear infections.  Not that you have had that many but we never have any clue that you have one; doctor says you have an incredibly high pain tolerance.  You obviously get that from me tehe!  Sorry for the times we didn't catch them earlier and you were in unnecessary pain, but you just never complain or make a peep its hard to tell!  There is nothing like seeing your baby in pain.  I would do anything to take your pain away!
You have been going to CornerStone Church Preschool since you were 13 weeks old.  Every teacher that you have had as told me that you were favorite and not to tell b/c they aren't supposed to have favorites.  And they were so very sad to see you move up to the next class.  On most days when I go in to pick you up you are in a teachers arms or are playing with one as several of the other children are having independent play.  You have them all wrapped around your finger and they so enjoy you and love playing with you.  You are currently in Mrs. Lindsey's class and she offers to take you home with her all the time and offers her willingness to babysit for free as she loves you that much!  I love all of the crafts you have made with your teachers for your Daddy and me.  We will keep (most of) them forever.

You love phones, remotes, necklaces, hairbrushes, dolls and your cash register.  You are a girly girly at heart and we love it!  I try not to dress you in pink too too much as I love the way blues bring out your beautiful blue eyes and browns and blacks look so great with your gorgeous red hair.  You are a doll!  You favorite of all favorite things is your thumpie.  You sleep with this mini tagged blanket every night and at every nap and hold it ever so tightly when you are scared or tired.   And you are a thumb sucker  and have been since utero, we think it is adorable.  This week at the pediatricians office for you check-up Dr. Rundus commented on how beautiful you are.  She said, "We have a lot of pretty babies in here but she is going to be absolutely gorgeous, I can just tell" and said that we will be extremely lucky if this next baby is as well natured and easy as you b/c two of those are unusual and that she is sure your sibling will be as beautiful, we should have a dozen--don't think we will but a fun thought to entertain for 10 seconds ha!  Of course I am biased, but you truly are beautiful and will be. 

If I had to make a prediction now about what kind of woman you will become, I would venture that it will involve your fun and loving personality.  I think you will be a leader and you have shown your independence since day one- something that we love about you.  I think that you will be a person who stands up for right and you won't be afraid to go against the grain (as a lot of things that you have done over the past year differs from other babies your age, we love your uniqueness and that you have always been above the curve and advanced in our eyes).  I think you will work with people and find ways to improve their lives as you love other people and love to make them smile and laugh.  But only time will tell, these are just my predictions based off of what I have seen in you over the past year.

I'm looking forward to the next year.  This next year you will take on a new role of big sister.   I am ever so anxious to see your reaction.  I know you will love this baby as you love all other babies your age, older and younger.  I predict a few moments of jealousy based off of the way you scream when I hold other babies.  But I think you will adapt very quickly as you have to a lot of other things, and you will maintain your amazing disposition.  We love you peanut and our love for you grows more everyday!!
Momma & Dada

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1 yr ago today our lives CHANGED FOREVER

One year ago today at 12:06 am, Ryan and I were blessed beyond what we imagined possible!  After being in labor for 18 hrs ryan and I were graced with the beautiful Wyndham Lee weighing in at a whooping 6 lb and 8.7 ounces with a beautiful head of strawberry blonde hair.  Our peanut made her big debut and we were INSTANTLY in LOVE!  Here are some pictures of that monumental occasion! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

50 Places

       I have crafted a list of 50 places I would like to go before I die.  I'm sure this list will be altered over the course of my life, places will be added and some of them may not seem so important.  But I think there is weight in writing things down.  I'm a list person.  I LOVE lists!!  I like to put things on my list I've already completed for the mere satisfaction of crossing it off and knowing that I've completed it!  So here is my list of 50 places.

1.          Knoxville Ö
2.          Germany, where my Dad was stationed
3.          Colosseum in Rome
4.          England
5.          Nashville Ö
6.          Golden Gate Bridge Ö
7.          Los Angeles
8.          Grand Canyon
9.          Great Barrier Reef- Australia
10.      Denver Ö
11.      New Orleans
12.      Empire State Building Ö
13.      Detroit Ö
14.      Ohio Ö
15.      Ground Zero Ö
16.      Hawaii
17.      Niagara falls
18.      Ashville
19.      Brazil Ö
20.      Hoover Dam
21.      Detroit Ö
22.      Alaska
23.      Paris
24.      Ireland
25.      Ukraine Ö
26.      Orlando Ö
27.      San Diego
28.      San Francisco/Redwood Forest Ö
29.      Chicago Ö
30.      NYC Ö
31.      Yosemite
32.      Bahamas Ö
33.      Philadelphia Ö
34.      Atlantic City
35.      Chile Ö
36.      Atlanta Ö
37.      Duck Key Ö
38.      Key West Ö
39.      Jacksonville Ö
40.      St. Louis Arch Ö
41.      Dakotas Ö
42.      Texas
43.      Washington DC Ö
44.      Boston Ö
45.      Phoenix
46.      Denver Ö
47.      Virginia Beach
48.      Outer Banks Ö
49.      Miami Ö
50.      Indianapolis  Ö

50 things

Here are my 50 things I was to do before I die, or die trying :)

1.       Marry the Love of my Life Ö
2.       Grow something Ö
3.       Teach my children to LOVE the Lord
4.       Watch the sun set and rise in the same day Ö
5.       Test drive an Expensive Car with no intent of buying
6.       Skydive Ö
7.       Take a last minute trip somewhere very unexpected
8.       Have a food fight Ö
9.       Take a Hot-air balloon ride
10.   Volunteer at an orphanage Ö
11.   Be foster parents
12.   Give to Charity Ö
13.   Learn to surf Ö
14.   Climb a mountain Ö
15.   Play in the rain with the love of my life
16.   White water rafting Ö
17.   Vacation with my best friendsÖ
18.   Go on a mission trip with my family
19.   Be on TV Ö
20.   Go whale watching
21.   See the Eiffel Tower
22.   Helicopter ride Ö
23.   Be involved in my Community
24.   See the Northern Lights
25.   Go to a horse race and dress ridiculous and love it
26.   Zip-line in the rainforest  Ö
27.   Horseback riding in all terrains (in water, on the beach, in the mountains, the rainforest) Ö
28.   Ride in a Gondola 
29.   Go on a Cruise Ö
30.   Be intentional in my friendships, be a true friend
31.   Be a great wife~ love completely, unselfishly and un-expecting of anything in return
32.   Live by the beach Ö
33.   Be a Youth Group Leader
34.   Be a volleyball coach
35.   Go to the orphanage where my dad grew up in
36.   Eat Dessert for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ö
37.   Climb to the top of a light house Ö
38.   Walk through a castle
39.   Have my own business Ö
40.   Run a marathon (or ½ J) Ö
41.   Be involved in ministries Ö
42.   Wine Tour & mash grapes with my toes! Ö
43.   Walk through the Redwood forest  Ö
44.   Hike in a Rainforest Ö
45.   Feed the homeless Ö
46.   Lead a Bible Study
47.   Make Thanksgiving Dinner Ö
48.   Have Grandkids
49.   Be content with life and all of God's blessings
50.   Die warm in my bed with my love and go to Heaven

Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 in Review

2010 went so amazingly fast, I didn't know that was possible!  Here are some highlights from 2010:

Rang in 2010 huge as can be and anxiously awaiting Wyndham's late arrival with some fellow pregger friends. Man I was HUGE as a HOUSE!

Wyndham Lee's big deput into our world on Jan 11th, 2010.  Clearly the HIGHLIGHT of our YEAR!!

Wyndham and Mommy go to Florida for her first beach experience:

My BFF Jodi moved HERE!! {ultimately making her my real life model for all sewing projects}

Family Trip to New Jersey.

Ran my first 1/2 marathon and complete in 2 hrs and 45 min (beating my goal by 15 minutes).

Romantic weekend at Fall Creek Falls just me and the hubs to celebrate our 3 yr anniversary :)

Spiritual Growth through fellowship in my Girls Small Group that I LOVE and so desperately need and through serving in a prison ministry that has really gotten me out of my comfort zone on many occasions and is continueing to help me learn and grow and serve.
Walked for a Cause in the 2010 American Heart Walk.

Made my female friends bake pies while the men judged and rocked some amazing staches at the 2010 Pie Bake Off.

Cooked my 1st Thanksgiving Dinner Successfully (meaning I didn't burn the house down)
Found out we were expecting again! Double Trouble!
Spent Christmas in Florida with my family, it was AMAZING and not nearly long enough.  Saw good friends and spent lots of time with family.  While there announced that Wyndham would be a big sister come July!

Experienced a million of Wyndham's firsts in 2010, including, first smile, first tooth, first crawl, first word (baba, dada, followed my mama-- I see where I am on the list on priorities, at least I made it in the top 3!!)

For 2011 I'm looking forward to so many things.  First thing on the list is Wyndham's 1st Birthday Party just around the corner.  I am oh so excited about her birthday and I am determined to not let her birthday ever blur into Christmas.  She will forever know how special she and her birth aret to Ryan and I.  Another thing to look forward to is finding out the sex of baby #2 and they baby's arrival come July.  As well as three other baby's joining my life, baby Mason due in Feb, a Monaghan cousin due right after our Monaghan baby is due and Baby Girl Bennett Rose due late April.  Also looking forward to lots of family visiting this summer, as does normally happen after you birth a child, one more perk of making a human being ; )  An exciting year ahead!  So much greatness!

I'm setting some goals for myself for 2011:
Be a better Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister and Friend.
Call people more and not just say that I need to-- it means the world to me when people think of me, or check in on me and don't just call because they need something.
Become a better at sewing/crafter.
Be healthier- exercise and eat healthy, loosing weight is obviously not an option right now ;)
Be more genuine.
Be nicer to strangers.
Work on taking my true friendships to a deeper level.
Work on my patience, or lack there of as Ryan would say.
Be thriftier.
Tell my husband how great he is more often and all the things he does right (b/c Lord knows I'm good at pointing out faults and he truly is my PERFECT match!!) I love him for who he is, not for who he is not.
Master the art of being a mother of two, and do it well!!
Love my children to the height, depth and width my sould can reach, teach them confidence, to love the Lord above all things and to love one another deeply.
Spend more time reading my Bible.
Have less fears and stress in 2011!

Oh my goodness that is a lot, but really I've got a lot of improving to do and really I want to be a better person and servant of our Great and Awesome Lord!