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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poncho~ My Burberry Knock-Off

My version of the $500 Burberry Poncho.  My cost $0!  Had some fabric gifted to me by my fabulous mother-in-law and drafted my own pattern.  And here's our photo shoot... Asked the hubby to take a photo, and he went a little shutter happy :)  Gotta love him!  What are your thoughts??  On the poncho, not my modeling attempt.  Can't take myself seriously modeling my own stuff, ahahha!!  Wish I would had a model for this  little gem, but whatev, it is what it is.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burberry Daisy Check Poncho @ Neiman Marcus

My new inspiration and obsession!  Going to make this gem!  Might use my new satin giraffe print or maybe a houndstooth? What do you think? 

photo courtesy of

Monday, October 25, 2010

Satin Giraffe Print, what to make??


So you might be wondering why I am posting a pic of a sheet package from Ross???  That is because 1- it was only $8.99 and B- I have huge plans for this fabric!!!  Wait and see, wait and see.  Pillow Case dress, Cowls, broaches, headgear, clutches, oh the options!!!!   What do you think I should opt for??

Makeover Monday

Broaches ladies!!  Perfect accessories for any sweater, jacket, scarf, purse or pearl necklace!  What are your thoughts??

3 white wool broaches accented with pearls and rhinestones (made of a sweater I dislike, now something I LOVE :)

 1 giant white satin rosette and a tanny manny 1 with tan fresh water brown pearls (tan one is made of the remaining fabric from Wyndham's curtains, LOVE upcycling!!)

 Far left is the Plum girl with tan feathers (Plum is soo this years best Fall color), then top is brown made of an Abercrombie shirt I disliked and the other is the fun Fall fabric from last weeks Monday Makeover~ The Goodwill skirt Makeover

I've been featured

Hey folks!  Check it out, I've been featured at Someday Crafts!  Appearantly my white pumpkin pedestool was a hit!  Yay!  Here she is in all her glory :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

True Fabric Love

Tonic Living  look at this amazing fabric! I really need someone to share this true fabric love with!  Just got a ton of satin cream/brown giraffe print fabric for an amazing price.  Love a good deal like that!  Planning to make eternity scarfs/cowls out of my new fabies!!  Why am I so obsessed with fabrics and imagining and fantasizing about all the fun things I can make with them?  Does anyone else share this obsession??  If so please let me know that I'm not alone...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mason James' Collection

So... Can you tell that I love this little man??  And he is not even here yet!  I've been a busy bee making items to give his momma when she visits in a few weeks!  What do you think of the items??
Boppy cover & wipe/butt paste pocket
 other side of the Boppy :)
 another shot of the wipe/butt paste pocket

 burp cloth, canNOT ever have enough of these
 monogrammed shirt for little man
 big daddy blanket that would swallow him, but perfect for him to snuggle with me in when I come visit ;)
 a pretty shot of some of the collection
 newest edition to my online boutique, the hooter hider
 Simply a MUST HAVE for all nursing mommmies!!!
 close up of the boning around the neck so you can keep on eye on the peanut while remaining modest
monogrammed, of coarse  
 The Taggy, Wyndham's obsession.  Good thing Wyn didn't set eyes on this beast, monogrammed or not she would have seen and conquered this precious piece.
 another collection shot with more items added!
 another new edition, the hooded big boy towel.  The hoods are sooo helpful with bathing little ones but they grow out of those thin, small baby ones soo quickly.  So obviously another must have for all growing babies!

 and a hook for easy drying :)

And that's all folks!  Let me know your thoughts, I love feed back!!

thirteen point one

Took a girls trip to Indy this past weekend to run a 1/2 marthon.  For those of you who don't know that is 13.1 miles!  I finished in less then 3 hrs, which was my goal, 2 hrs and 49 minutes to be exact.  Check a few things off my to-do list in one shot!  Traveled to Indianapolis and ran a 1/2 marathon.  It was no record setting speed, but I finished and did it in less than 3 which was my goal :)  And best of all we are giving back, specifically to the Community Health Network.  Yay for Non-profits and encouraging good health!  Here is some documentation from our trip for your enjoyment!



so pretty, so fun, so happy