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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mason James' Collection

So... Can you tell that I love this little man??  And he is not even here yet!  I've been a busy bee making items to give his momma when she visits in a few weeks!  What do you think of the items??
Boppy cover & wipe/butt paste pocket
 other side of the Boppy :)
 another shot of the wipe/butt paste pocket

 burp cloth, canNOT ever have enough of these
 monogrammed shirt for little man
 big daddy blanket that would swallow him, but perfect for him to snuggle with me in when I come visit ;)
 a pretty shot of some of the collection
 newest edition to my online boutique, the hooter hider
 Simply a MUST HAVE for all nursing mommmies!!!
 close up of the boning around the neck so you can keep on eye on the peanut while remaining modest
monogrammed, of coarse  
 The Taggy, Wyndham's obsession.  Good thing Wyn didn't set eyes on this beast, monogrammed or not she would have seen and conquered this precious piece.
 another collection shot with more items added!
 another new edition, the hooded big boy towel.  The hoods are sooo helpful with bathing little ones but they grow out of those thin, small baby ones soo quickly.  So obviously another must have for all growing babies!

 and a hook for easy drying :)

And that's all folks!  Let me know your thoughts, I love feed back!!


  1. Pam, they're all beautiful! You're so talented! Mason is going to love them, and so are his Mommy and Daddy! Great job! Love, Mason's Grammie :)

  2. Those are fabulous! I would be thrilled to receive a gift like that! It has EVERYTHING!!!

  3. Those are all beautiful!! Love it all! Thanks for sharing your story... I think I need to be as determined as you! Maybe I should hit the gym. lol!


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