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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nashville Heart Walk 2010

Total Donations for the Nashville American Heart Association Walk on October 2nd came to $1,151,069.  Yay!!  So glad that we could be a part of this!
With the funds raised with this year's walk/campaign the American Heart Association aims for: Improving patient care, Advocating for better health, Reaching out to populations at risk, Raising awareness, Protecting the future and Educating Americans.  
Here are some pictures from this years walk in Nashville :)
Pre walk festivites

my family <3

Wyndham loves Aunt Susan!

the beautiful Jodi

Wyn walking for a cause (or strolling ha!)

our view of the walkers, there were 10,000 of us!

Tribute to Ryan's Nan and Sarah from Fairy Tales Are True

thanks vandy polo team....

how cute is that vest Wyn has on?? Please!

Not sure what that face is, but just had to post the pic due to Ry's tribute to Nan.  So wish I could have met his grandmother.   From what I hear she was some kind of UUHH-mazing!!

Drew-Drew... that made me tear up.

Thanks to everyone for the monetary donations, baked goodies for bake sales, volunteered hours, support, walking and all the unmentioned time and money put toward this event <3


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