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Monday, October 18, 2010

Makeover Monday

I'm spent from being out of town and from running the 1/2 Marathon in Indy this weekend so it's a little short, but still had to share!

For this weeks feature we have a fab fall ensemble!  Found the 2XL skirt at Goodwill for $3.  Loved the fabric so I just couldn't pass it up!  I turned the  floor length G-ma skirt into a broach with pearls and a  small high waisted mini skirt.  I cut about 3 feet off the bottom and hemmed it (so I had lots of fabric to do fun things with, to which I concocted the broach).  I put 4 darts in the back of the skirt to make it fitted.

Here is a close up pic of the broach:

And a pic of me donning the skirt at Saturday Brunch with the peanut in my arms :)  Love my tall BCBG boots, one of my obsessions.

Til next time xxooxxoo


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