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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Wyndham's 3rd Birthday Letter

Full of Energy. Funny & Witty. Quick. Affectionate. Passionate. Tenacious. Strong willed. Wild. You are so many things Wyndham and I'm so happy that I am your mother and I get to watch all of these parts of your fun and sweet personality develop. To say you are 3 years old sounds so strange coming out of my mouth. I remember the day I found out I was pregnant, I remember the moment you were born, I remember the sound of your first cry and the way I felt when I held you the first time.

I laugh at you every day; you are so full of life and energy and love to make people laugh. You will do just about anything to see a smile on someone's face. You are friendly and outgoing (although a new thing you've started is to pretend you are shy and tell me "mommy I'm kinda shy"). You have an impeccable memory, you can remember things from over a year ago, it amazes me and daddy. You are so strong willed and I love that about you but I must be honest with you, it is often times hard to shape/push/mold that tenacity in the right direction. You understand so much for a 3 year old so it makes compromise much easier than one year ago. You truly understand so much, nothing get past
you! You remember so many little details and how thing are to be done, where they should go and who should do what- you have a lot of my personality in you, a little bit of a type A personality, intense
some might call it. You are going to do great things Wyndham!

You love deeply. I can barely type, much less talk about the way you love your sissy without crying… Niagara falls. You protect her and are protective of her, you cry when she cries, you try to sooth her when she's upset and get mad at me when I disciple her. Every night you tell her "I love you sissy, you my best friend". I constantly tell you that you are never going to have a better friend than you sissy,
not sure how much of that you understand, but I pray that that phrase sticks with you forever. When someone watches you and Paisley they always say how you take good care of her, if you get something to eat you make sure she has one too, if you have something you do a great job sharing (most of the time…)

Life is busy. You and Paisley are busy bodies. But every day no matter what is going on we make time for snuggles, our bedtime prayers, brushing your teeth (which you LOVE), and playing with momma's hair. Milestones. Some big milestones that have taken place since last year. You are potty trained, yay!!! Your comprehension is unbelievable. You love telling stories that usually consist of 3 stories mixed together in one long run on sentence. You can count to 15 and can recognize up to number 7. We are working on your letters. This past summer you became quite the water baby and will go under
water, maybe this summer you'll be swimming! You understand dressing up for Halloween, the Easter Bunny, Christmas (baby Jesus' Birthday and Santa Claus coming to town). You love to dance and we going to start lessons now that you are 3. You have completely aborted the idea that you need sleep- every nap and bed time is a battle , a BATTLE I TELL YOU!!! You think of any excuse you can think of to get out of bed, most of the stuff you come up with is totally off the wall and completely hysterical.

Be kind, be honest and make wise choices. I love you my sweet baby. I love you to my deepest core. I would you give you my last breath.

Mommy Tips 101 || Edition 3

Because I love to watch other moms in action and love to admire their
ways and because I'm constantly amazed at how they do it all, I'd like to take a
second to highlight this sweet Momma. Miss Michelle has worn all 3
hats -- full time working mom, part-time working mom and full time stay
at home mom. She knows the pros and cons of all 3 and has taught me
plenty of mommy tricks, not to mention she works out religiously,
she's super fit, gorgeous, a great cook and has a heart of gold AND
she's one of my besties... I'm not biased LOL!

mommy tips edition 3, brought to you by Michelle (:

1) I am all about "have it where you need it." I have wipes, diapers, lysol wipes in multiple, downstairs bathroom cabinet, and of course diaper bag/changing table. I also have toothbrushes/toothpaste upstairs and down for the kiddos. Also, kids hair brushes and gel (for those cool dude boy haircuts) upstairs & down. Lysol wipes are KEY!  While kids are taking a tub I to a quick wipe down of the bathroom, time saver :)

2) Pre pack healthy snack ziplocs/containers in her bottom fridge drawer so her kiddos can help themselves anytime to healthy snacks and not run to junk food.

3) If you leave a load of laundry in the dryer forever & everything is wrinkled, just throw a wet towel in for a touch-up dry. It acts as a steamer and knocks out the wrinkles.

4) Out to eat at dinner, ask the server to divide the kids plate in 2....fries on one plate/meat & veggies on other. That way you can serve the fries after the good stuff is gone!

5) Rise before they rise. I aim to get out of bed before my boys every morning. For my sanity and their safety. Have a cup of coffee/tea, some quite time with God and a little me time, this benefits EVERYONE!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Life Lately || according to my iPhone

My life in iPhone pictures