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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mommy Tips 101 || Edition 3

Because I love to watch other moms in action and love to admire their
ways and because I'm constantly amazed at how they do it all, I'd like to take a
second to highlight this sweet Momma. Miss Michelle has worn all 3
hats -- full time working mom, part-time working mom and full time stay
at home mom. She knows the pros and cons of all 3 and has taught me
plenty of mommy tricks, not to mention she works out religiously,
she's super fit, gorgeous, a great cook and has a heart of gold AND
she's one of my besties... I'm not biased LOL!

mommy tips edition 3, brought to you by Michelle (:

1) I am all about "have it where you need it." I have wipes, diapers, lysol wipes in multiple, downstairs bathroom cabinet, and of course diaper bag/changing table. I also have toothbrushes/toothpaste upstairs and down for the kiddos. Also, kids hair brushes and gel (for those cool dude boy haircuts) upstairs & down. Lysol wipes are KEY!  While kids are taking a tub I to a quick wipe down of the bathroom, time saver :)

2) Pre pack healthy snack ziplocs/containers in her bottom fridge drawer so her kiddos can help themselves anytime to healthy snacks and not run to junk food.

3) If you leave a load of laundry in the dryer forever & everything is wrinkled, just throw a wet towel in for a touch-up dry. It acts as a steamer and knocks out the wrinkles.

4) Out to eat at dinner, ask the server to divide the kids plate in 2....fries on one plate/meat & veggies on other. That way you can serve the fries after the good stuff is gone!

5) Rise before they rise. I aim to get out of bed before my boys every morning. For my sanity and their safety. Have a cup of coffee/tea, some quite time with God and a little me time, this benefits EVERYONE!


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