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Monday, November 29, 2010

DeBloom Giveaway Winner Items

As many of you know I have a slowly growing Online Boutique called DeBloom Designs and I recently did a giveaway at Fairy Tales Are True and I just posted some pics of the items here as I am sending the package out tomorrow.  Here are some pics for you enjoyment should you not follow my Online Boutique :)

My First Thanksgiving Dinner

Well it was an adventure but turned out pretty well!  Here is some documentation as promised!  It is the small touches that make the difference. 
 The guide to any table setting. An entertainers Bible


 Place Settings :)

 The Menu! 

 Breakfast is a must for all the cooking.  Need some calories to keep up the hard work!  Cinnamon Swirl Muffins with homemade cream cheese frosting (box mix with a twist :)

Fall Ruffle Apron, buy yours today for $30 from www.

 Wyn's Thanksgiving Outfit, love her leg warmers!
 Ry prepping the Turk

Amazing Pumpkin dip, super easy!  Plan to post the recipe as soon as I get another minute :)

The Spread!

Turned out good, plan to try it again next year so it couldn't have been too bad!

Pottery Barn Twiggy Lantern Knock-Off

If you are an avid Pottery Barn stocker as I am you might have seen these:


If not you can find them here, feel free to drool as I often do!

Here is my knock-off!  What do you think?  A little burlap, twine and twigs surrounding a white candle in a bronze lantern from Ross or something of that nature.  A little different, but same concept.  I thought the pine cones and vintage spools (Amazing Goodwill find by my Momma) where a nice touch :)

Makeover Monday

Made a Coastal Holiday Wreath to Don in our entryway!  Had to keep in theme with my organic/coastal decor.  A few starfish and sand-dollars, some burlap, hemp, some fake green fruit, feathers, ribbon, a big furry wreath and a pretty white "M".  What do you think?  Want one, they are super easy and not real expensive!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This weeks Trash to Treasure

Found this little gem in a dumpster!  A dumpster people!!  So I threw a little stain on this beast and it made a wonderful rustic blanket rack.  Also please take note of the birdcage next to it.  That was at Goodwill for $2.  Mind you it was so beyond hideous in there with the ferns and eucalyptus sticking out in all directions.  But I could see the beauty behind it, even though hubby could not stop laughing when I walked in the house with it.  Took all the innerds out and shoved in some candles.  Vwella!  (Although it has been on my to-do list to paint white for some time now....someday.)  Loves it!!

Another shot of the beauties.
Linking up here again :)