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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Makeover Monday

Found this dime piece at the all wonderful Goodwill for $3.  One hem and a few darts later she is perfect!  What an easy and amazing makeover!  Your thoughts on her??

 Wyndham makes every picture cuter so had to use her as a prop :)
 Actually just a good op for a photo sesh :)

 Could she be any cuter?!?!

 full view of the dress...

Love the fabric!  So fun!

My inspiration:
linkredirect.htm.jpg from stylehive

my newest fashion love :)



  1. Oh how cute! Stopping by from Embellishing Life

  2. Ooh so jealous, that dress/skirt looks amazing on you and your little accessory is so cute in matching checks. What a beautiful family you are. ax

  3. What a sweet photo with your little girl, precious!


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