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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Makeover Monday

Makeover Monday posted on Tuesday, whatev.  My blog, my way, right?!

So for this week I used some scrap fabric, handtowels, stuff, stencils and some spraypaint to make 2 glorious creations. 

Repurposed some handtowels into Holiday throw pillows.  Simply took some stencils and spray painted some holiday-ish words on it.  I liked the artsy look of the spray off the sides of the stencil.  Then simply sewed 80% of it inside out, flipped, stuffed and sewed the other 20% left.  And tada!!

Next I utilized some scrap fabric to make some 7 x 4 inch clutches (which I opted to embellish with some buttons and elastic).  Got a new pottern for the purse from a co-worker and it worked perfectly! Made 8 last night for the upcoming craft sale, hope they are a hit!

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  1. No I wish... but judging my the time of your fbook comments you don't either hehe ;)


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