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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cherry Cream Pie

Cherry Cream Pie
1 can tart cherries – drained
3 eggs – beaten to lemon color
3 c. sugar
1 large can evap. Milk
1 t. vanilla
Pinch of salt

Pour in unbaked pie shells  (2 - 8" shells)
Bake @ 425 for 15 min. then 300 until done (45 min – 1 hr.)
Made this for Thanksgiving and it was delish!!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Goat Cheese and Ham Wrapped Asparagus

Recipe from The Cottage Home by  It looked amazing so I had to repost :)

These Goat Cheese and Ham Wrapped Asparagus were a huge hit at Matilda's "Tea for 2" party.  And surprisingly it was the men who really gobbled these up!  They are a great finger food because they don't require a fork and are easy to pick up and eat while you socialize.

Serves 15-20
2 lbs. fresh asparagus
1/2 lb. honey ham
8 oz. herb goat cheese
1/3 brick cream cheese, softened
30+ fresh chives 

Cut off the tough ends of the asparagus (approximately 1"- 2"). Cook asparagus.  Only cook for a few minutes in boiling water and then shock them in a large bowl of ice water.  You do not want to over-cook the asparagus because they will lose their beautiful green color.  You also still want them to have a good bite and not be flimsy.  I'd say, in this case, better to under-cook than over-cook.

Clean your fresh chives.  We picked these from our herb garden so they are super long.  You will need one chive per asparagus spear.

Combine your herb goat cheese and the 1/3 block cream cheese.  The cream cheese will help the goat cheese be easier to work with when spreading it on the pieces of ham.

Cut ham in half or thirds (we did thirds because our ham slices were very large).  Spread a very thin layer of goat cheese on each piece of ham.  Roll up asparagus in ham/goat cheese.  Tie with a chive to secure.  Place in a container to keep cool in the refrigerator.  Can be made a day in advance.

Remove from refrigerator just prior to serving.  Place on a serving tray.  I love using white because I think it makes the colors pop, but you can use whatever you'd like.

I would suggest discarding any un-eaten asparagus after the party if it has been sitting out for several hours.  These asparagus were eaten up SO quickly. I would recommend making more than you need and maybe bringing them out in two rounds so they don't spoil.

Give this recipe a try - you're going to love it!

Cheddar Bacon Bruschetta

The perfect app for when you have little to no time and feel the need to bring something homemade, i.e. more than a bag of chips!  I live in the negative time zone, so trust me, its quick and easy!
Cheddar Bacon Bruschetta
1 baguette (I suggest getting the deli to pre-slice a extra long french loaf for you, save you time :)
8 oz. pkg. of cheddar cheese
1 c bacon bits
1 c. of mayonnaise
1/2 tsp.   pepper
1-2 tbsp. grated onion
Mix all ingredients and spread on sliced baguettes. Broil until cheese bubbles.  It cooks very fast so be careful not to burn it! 
Super easy and they have been the hit of the past two parties I went to (: 


I think that it's one of the few chances in life to assist God with a miracle.
I'll confess, there are several parts of pregnancy I don't enjoy, but overall I love it.  Don't get me wrong, I do get big and awkward, moody and especially the last couple months of being pregnant in the heat of summer I was pretty much miserable. What can I say; my husband is a lucky man.

But thank the Lord those 10 long months finally come to an end.   Yes 10 months, why people say 9, I'm not sure.  40 weeks, do the math.  And it my case it was longer than 40- Wyndham was 41 ½ weeks and Paisley was 40 weeks and 2 days.  While I may be a big, moody and a grouch, childbirth I love.

I never thought I'd be the type who would actually enjoy giving birth. It's intense and scary and messy and I don't care what you say, Gisele, or anyone else for that matter, it
hurts.  OOHHH EEEMM GEE does it hurts. But at the end you feel so strong, so capable and so powerful.  And those moments after bringing my girls into the world, it is magical, there is no other way to describe it but magical. It is the most painful thing I've done in my life, but it is manageable.  The way God designed for the contractions to come in waves, you do get reprieve. At the end when they are lasting 2 minutes every minute it's not really much reprieve, but still it helps J
It is like there is a sudden connection I felt to every other woman who had brought a baby into the world. My mom, my grandmother, my sisters, my friends and prayerfully one day my own daughters. Across continents, cultures and  time. Women who have labored at home and in hospitals, had cesareans, went natural or had medication. Every experience so intensely personal and yet shared by so many.

I although I dislike the pain of it all, I do in a strange way enjoy it.  I love the power in that, the intensity, the focus, the desperation. The wanting to make it end, not because of the pain but the crazy anticipation to meet your baby, this miraculous creation.   After all of those hours spent enduring and just getting through, you're finally able to
DO something.

And then, suddenly and finally, it's over and she's being handed to me. This baby who grew inside of me, this baby whose face I've imagined for all those months is here, real, in this world with me. It's not often that you are so totally aware of being in the middle of a moment that will change your life forever.

Of course, had my labor or delivery had serious complications- I'm sure this would be a very different post.  But I am thankful that it is not. 
Aside from a slight issue with the admitting Doc with our second born and a long labor with our first, we really didn't have any issues. The moment they were out it was like any traumas of the last 10 months just melted away and Ryan and I had never been happier or more in love. I recovered quickly with both of my girls (aside from a few stretch marks…) and really everything goes back to normal after a little bit of time.  I am so thankful to God for allowing me to have children and allowing me to be a part of that miraculous experience.

Sweet Paisley James

So after a little reprieve from blogging, I'm back.  Welcome back world, it has been a crazy 4 months to say the least.  Kids are amazing, true gifts from the Lord but they sure keep you busy and tired.  Thought a sweet way to enter back into the blogging world is with Sweet Paisley James big depute!

She arrived 2 days late on Aug 6th, 2011 weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 oz.  Labor was less than half as long as it was with Wyndham, only 7 hrs this time and delivery was speedy, incredibly speedy, less than 10 minutes.

It was a great and sweet experience. Another moment that has changed my life forever.  For the good :)