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Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Hemorrhaging! my period for the first time today since before I got preggo, so more than a year and a half without that crap. I was so confused, thought i was like hemorrhaging from somewhere and dying~ Ryan is clearly rubbing off on me, jumping to the worst case health scenario. hahha! I TOTALLY forgot that happened! I was the 1st one at work of coarse and had to find someone to get something STAT. Only person i could find was my dear may co-worker mitch (he's a nurse so he's got to be used to this stuff right??!  I was low on options ok....), he called the ER and found me something b/c no one else was here yet. I was in luck, they had something and so the obvious solution was to tube me down a tampon, not the usually medical records that come through the tube station ha! And to top it off they wrote on the wrapper of the tampon, MITCH. soo funny! Good thing i'm not easily embarrassed! Oh the joys of working in a hospital and being a woman!

Thought you girls would enjoy a little glimpse of my morning!  Hope it's not an overshare!


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