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Friday, January 7, 2011

50 things

Here are my 50 things I was to do before I die, or die trying :)

1.       Marry the Love of my Life Ö
2.       Grow something Ö
3.       Teach my children to LOVE the Lord
4.       Watch the sun set and rise in the same day Ö
5.       Test drive an Expensive Car with no intent of buying
6.       Skydive Ö
7.       Take a last minute trip somewhere very unexpected
8.       Have a food fight Ö
9.       Take a Hot-air balloon ride
10.   Volunteer at an orphanage Ö
11.   Be foster parents
12.   Give to Charity Ö
13.   Learn to surf Ö
14.   Climb a mountain Ö
15.   Play in the rain with the love of my life
16.   White water rafting Ö
17.   Vacation with my best friendsÖ
18.   Go on a mission trip with my family
19.   Be on TV Ö
20.   Go whale watching
21.   See the Eiffel Tower
22.   Helicopter ride Ö
23.   Be involved in my Community
24.   See the Northern Lights
25.   Go to a horse race and dress ridiculous and love it
26.   Zip-line in the rainforest  Ö
27.   Horseback riding in all terrains (in water, on the beach, in the mountains, the rainforest) Ö
28.   Ride in a Gondola 
29.   Go on a Cruise Ö
30.   Be intentional in my friendships, be a true friend
31.   Be a great wife~ love completely, unselfishly and un-expecting of anything in return
32.   Live by the beach Ö
33.   Be a Youth Group Leader
34.   Be a volleyball coach
35.   Go to the orphanage where my dad grew up in
36.   Eat Dessert for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Ö
37.   Climb to the top of a light house Ö
38.   Walk through a castle
39.   Have my own business Ö
40.   Run a marathon (or ½ J) Ö
41.   Be involved in ministries Ö
42.   Wine Tour & mash grapes with my toes! Ö
43.   Walk through the Redwood forest  Ö
44.   Hike in a Rainforest Ö
45.   Feed the homeless Ö
46.   Lead a Bible Study
47.   Make Thanksgiving Dinner Ö
48.   Have Grandkids
49.   Be content with life and all of God's blessings
50.   Die warm in my bed with my love and go to Heaven

1 comment:

  1. what a wonderful list!!! your list has just made mine much longer :) i'm stealing a few!


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