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Friday, January 7, 2011

50 Places

       I have crafted a list of 50 places I would like to go before I die.  I'm sure this list will be altered over the course of my life, places will be added and some of them may not seem so important.  But I think there is weight in writing things down.  I'm a list person.  I LOVE lists!!  I like to put things on my list I've already completed for the mere satisfaction of crossing it off and knowing that I've completed it!  So here is my list of 50 places.

1.          Knoxville Ö
2.          Germany, where my Dad was stationed
3.          Colosseum in Rome
4.          England
5.          Nashville Ö
6.          Golden Gate Bridge Ö
7.          Los Angeles
8.          Grand Canyon
9.          Great Barrier Reef- Australia
10.      Denver Ö
11.      New Orleans
12.      Empire State Building Ö
13.      Detroit Ö
14.      Ohio Ö
15.      Ground Zero Ö
16.      Hawaii
17.      Niagara falls
18.      Ashville
19.      Brazil Ö
20.      Hoover Dam
21.      Detroit Ö
22.      Alaska
23.      Paris
24.      Ireland
25.      Ukraine Ö
26.      Orlando Ö
27.      San Diego
28.      San Francisco/Redwood Forest Ö
29.      Chicago Ö
30.      NYC Ö
31.      Yosemite
32.      Bahamas Ö
33.      Philadelphia Ö
34.      Atlantic City
35.      Chile Ö
36.      Atlanta Ö
37.      Duck Key Ö
38.      Key West Ö
39.      Jacksonville Ö
40.      St. Louis Arch Ö
41.      Dakotas Ö
42.      Texas
43.      Washington DC Ö
44.      Boston Ö
45.      Phoenix
46.      Denver Ö
47.      Virginia Beach
48.      Outer Banks Ö
49.      Miami Ö
50.      Indianapolis  Ö

1 comment:

  1. what an awesome list! fun to see that germany is on it ;)


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