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Thursday, January 27, 2011


My Favorite of all favorite meals.  I literally could eat it EVERYDAY, and do, usually twice a day.  From oatmeal to eggs Benedict, I truly love it all!  Poor little Wyn was sick this week, and my favorite food when I'm sick is banana pancakes and so I made her some.  She LOVED them!  Seemed to cheer her up for about 12 minutes before she went back to just wanting momma to hold her, HATED that she was sick but was eating up all the cuddle time.    My ALL time favorite EVER is Banana and White Chocolate Chip Pancakes- no butter and light syrup on top- a little crispy around the edges and not too fluffy, I like them a touch on the flatter side.  YUMMMM!!! Delectable breakfast pics for you enjoyment!  
Love a good breakfast burrito!

My fav omelet is spinach, tomato and goat cheese!

Yea I'm def preggers ha!

{images all courtesy google}


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