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Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Year Ago Today We Waited!

One year ago today was our sweet Wyndham's due date, and her due date came and went without so much as a sign of her arrival.  And lets me honest, I was HUGE as a HOUSE!  I have picture proof!  I would wake up every morning and say, I really don't think I can get any bigger, she has got to come today.  But I did get bigger and bigger and bigger!  Here are some shots of my 40 weeks of growth and baby making!

 6 wks

 11 wks

 15 wks

 16 wks

 18 wks

 21 wks

 24 wks

 26 wks

 27 wks

 29 wks

 35 wks 

 38 wks 

 39 wks 
 40 wks and still no baby....


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