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Friday, February 8, 2013

Instafriday || life lately according to my iPhone

Life lately.

i’m linking up my weekly cell phone pics with jeannett {} this week! i’m momaghan84 on instagram if you want to follow me!

valetines craft || part of a backdrop for a fellow photographer

dunkin gift cards for the girls || valentine's day gift from the grandparents for my dunut lovin monkies

best. duck. tape. ever.
turq and orange anthro knobs || part of the bedroom reno (:

wynd & paisley co. stationary set for sweet baby bennett

too much gold?  never my child. never.

bunny gloves on sissy monaghan.  thanks linds!

just a little more gold || I love gold!  {i can't say that without using the voice from goldmember... i'm strange.}

church besties.  Just playing with the PK's.

dunkin saturday kind of happy.

new shades from hubba hubba.

coffee date to discuss politics and the meaning of life.

throw back to Paisley's quick and woderful birth.  in honor of her 1/2 birthday.

wyn's 3 b-day shoot.

new wall signage

sleepyhead snuggles with pais. favorite.

snagging kisses in my hot pink ombre'  D&G glasses.

herbivore. freezing some cilantro.

my crazy ginger.  love her.

top- pinterest version. bottom one- me. nailed it!

post nap messy piggies.

doctor sis.

ready to brave the cold.  brrrr!


  1. I'm with you on the gold! I was painting another thing gold this week, and my hubs walked by and said " really like gold.....don't you?". haha :)

    Stopping by from Life Rearranged InstaFriday!

  2. Cute pictures!
    You're kids are adorable!

    stopping by from life rearranged :)

  3. Love your braid!! Just stopping by from Life Rearranged! Happy Weekend!

  4. Cute banner in the top photo. And those new knobs....pls share the finished project!


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