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Sunday, July 3, 2011

DIY Chalk Boards

Oh people, these were SOOO easy and didn't cost much.  $15 for the paint and $5 in wood, and we had some sandpaper and brushes laying around - free is the best kind of price!!

1) Simply cut the wood to size.  I used all different various sizes
2) Sand the HECK out of the side you plan to use.  I opted for the electric sander, mostly b/c I'm just plain lazy ; ) 
 {this is the paint i opted for}
 3) Paint on 1 generous coat of paint and allow to dry

4) Paint on 2nd coat of paint (this one a bit thinner, mostly just for touch up) and allow to dry
And your DONE!  Use these at ANY and ALL occasions!  Picnic, Easter, Wine & Cheese Night--anything you can think of!  And you can write any message you want on them, although I tend to usually use them in place of tent cards!

Here it is in place of a tent card:
 AND if you are feeling extra saucey you could make an little label with your cricket or silhouette if you have vinyl paper.  I didn't have any of that so I made a little "Menu" label out of some Avery 8665 clear page labels like these:
 Here she is jumbo sized:

{please don't mind my horrible chalkboard handwriting hahah!}

I used Avery 8665 labels and made these to slap on.  I made the background of the label black and the font white so the the background would blend in well with the chalkboard paint.

IF YOU ARE SMART, you will make the chalk board double-sided and put Honey Do List on the other side of the Menu (:

Tis only fair right? :)
Please let me know if you have questions!  What else have you used chalkboard paint for?  The options are endless....Such a wonderful invention Mr. Chalkboard Paint Inventor- thank you from the bottom of my crafty heart! 



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