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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yes hi. It's me.  The still pregnant woman.  Since my first one was so late I told Ryan I was just going to plan to be pregnant for 42 weeks instead of 40 so I won't get disappointed.  HOWEVER i'm 37 weeks and am soo beyond uncomfortable.  Paisley's feet are lodged in my ribs and causing me to not breath so easily. And feet and back are HURTING!!
Had my check up yesterday and am dilated to a 1.  A freakin measly little 1.  And my cerivix is 'just barely effaced, nice and thick should carry full term'.  thanks doc, i know you mean that in an encouraging way, but wow do I really want to have this baby!
OH and I haven't gained enough weight.  First I had gained too much when I jumped 7 lbs from my 24 to 27 week appt, now I haven't gained enough b/c I have not gained weight since my 27 week appt. I have been oh so careful in my eating b/c i was scolded and have been chasing a toddler, what is to be expected?  And I lost 2 lbs... so that combo sent my doc into a little bit of a tizzy and I will be getting an ultrasound this Friday to check baby and fluids.  Tried to tell them that with Wyndham I lost 4 lbs in the last couple weeks with Wyndham and I truly think I am fine.  It's just what I do at the end b/c my stomach is sooo squashed up I don't have room to eat.  Regardless they are sending me for an ultrasound
oh and . p.s. they told me to bring the hospital bag for if fluids are low they will be admitting/inducing me.  we shall see!  Perhaps Paisley will be here this weekend.  Perhaps I will pregnant for another couple weeks.  Have a feeling I will be pregnant for a bit longer...

Either way I'm getting a little baby sometime in the near future and I canNOT wait!
As far as not gaining enough weight-- ICE CREAM HERE I COME!!

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  1. Great excuse to indulge in some ice cream!


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