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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Checking Off 2 TO-DOs

Working on checking a few items off of my ever changing, constantly wavering life lesson TO-DO LIST! Working on 2 simultaneously, training for a marathon and a Prison Ministry. In all reality I’m running a ½ marathon, but it sounds more monumental if you leave the “half” off, and so I do! Another item to be addressed on the TO-DO LIST is that I want to be involved in several ministries throughout my lifetime, constantly trying to be used as a light to others while being sharpened and shaped as God would have. And so the opportunity presented itself to get involved in the Prison Ministry, it tugged on my heartstrings a little, so here I am.

Other items on the horizon are this side business of mine, really wanting to make it take off! Few orders here and there but nothing substantial yet, we shall see what’s in store. And then on to the subject of friendships. Inspiration of my dear friend Bethany, I want to be intentional in all of my friendships. When I’m at the end of my life I want to be able to say that I truly knew my friends. That I knew their hearts desires, their goals, struggles, fears, dreams, scars and that I loved them completely and free of judgment.

And all of these aspirations I have would never happen if I didn’t have a beyond extraordinary husband. A husband, who comes home from working an umpteen hr day and takes out the trash, then lets out the dog, then picks up our sweet baby so I can go on a run (if its too hot out for her to join) or go to prison ministry or work on my sewing orders, to ultimately check something of my life’s TO-DO LIST. But because it’s important to me, it’s important to him, regardless of what it is. Now that is an amazing man!  Now that is love!

Me and Wyn on a run!  Her keeping me poor company by sleeping on me, again... Must be my phenomenal speed that lulled her to sleep ha!

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  1. PAM-MIE! I feel a lot like my priorities, making routines that allow for my "to-dos" and wanting to be able to exercise my creativity :) The thoughts you wrote are so similar to my own!

    You go for it, girlie!!

    <3, Jodi


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