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Friday, August 13, 2010

Time & Love

How is it that time is going so fast? Wyndham started crawling this week! So exciting, but at the same time I don’t know how she can be 7 months old and crawling when I only had her last week?? She is growing up so fast and time is literally FLYING BY! I swear time never went this fast before we had her…Every week, every day she is doing something new. It’s so exciting to watch her face when she accomplishes something new, the grin and the radiance on her face because she’s so proud of what she just learned or accomplished. And I love when she learns to complete a task herself, it teaches her confidence and to have good self-esteem~ although she’s probably not thinking that right now, as I am ~the over-thinker that I am.

And the love that I have for this little person is such a crazy crazy love. A love that is so deep and consistent, patient, selfless, unwavering and un-expecting of anything in return. A love I didn’t understand until I held her in my arms. Even when she was in my womb I loved her so deeply, but the immediate love I had for her the moment I held her was such a all-consuming love. Ryan and I ask ourselves all the time, “What did we do before we had her?”. She is just so fun and so much of our life revolves around her. And our love for her has made our love for one another deepen that much more. It is almost as if another chamber of your heart just opens up the moment you have a child, truly the craziest thing. I would cut off my own arm to make her stop hurting, or jump in front of a train, whatever it took~~ that why I say a crazy crazy love. There is nothing that Ryan and I would not do for her. We still have our list of priorities and things we like to do and enjoy and we take times for ourselves and have date night (they just happen a lot less often ha!), it’s just that everything on our list of priorities just moved down one notch to make room at the very top for this very tiny person.

Having this love for my child gives me a whole new view on what it must have been like for God to give Christ to us knowing that he would die on the cross for our sins. Oh my goodness, I can barely wrap my head around that….

Just some food for thought and some pictures for smiles :)

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  1. Its been years since Ive seen you and I know you probably dont remember me but as I was reading this I thought that your mother and daddy did a fine job raising you. You seem like a wonderful young lady and you have a PRECIOUS daughter.

    Cousin LaDonna in Knoxville


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