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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nashville Flood Claims Another Victim

In the aftermath of the massive Nashville Flood, I come to find that my Fall Decorations is one of the many casualities attained in this catastrophe.  And granted people lost their house, cars, lifes, precious belongings that held sweet memories, but MY FALL DECORATIONS PEOPLE.  For people who know me and my loves, this is serious.  Not only to I love decorations but of all seasons I'm in true seasonal love with Fall!  But all joking aside, I can make more decorations and in the grand scheme of things not nearly as bad as loosing a house or pictures or other items of that nature.  But seriously boo for the flood that claimed my Fall Decorations :(  RIP, you shall be missed......

here is a site for those interested of some of the true damage and aftermath:


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