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Monday, September 20, 2010

Makeover Monday

For this weeks makeover a few dollar store items in order to be festive since Fall has officially fallen and last years fall decorations are no more no thanks to the crazy 100 year Nashville Flood, RIP.

For starters I got some chinsey looking foam pumpkins, gourds, white plates, fake leaves, foam circle and candle sticks.  Glued them all together and spray-painted them white.  And vwella!!!  Fall decorations have exploded upon my mantle, and I love it!!  

Foam pumpkin spray-painted white and glued to a glass candle stick will make a nice fall festive display in my opinion :)
And here we have the start of a cake stand that will display some gourds and pumpkins!

And now a close up of my fav, the pumpkin pedastal:

And there you have it all in action!  I'm loving it!  If the pictures don't suffice enough as tutorials feel free to email me :)

(if you notice the cake stand and plate have labels on the, this idea is courtesy The DIY Show off here!  She is simply amazing)

Posted to Tatertots & Jello here!


  1. Awe, Pamela - thanks! ::blushing::

    You did an amazing job. I love everything white! Your decorating looks so festive and inviting!

    Roeshel :)

  2. These are so cute! Way to look beyond the cheese :)

  3. I'm also thinking of painting some fall items in one color. I really like the look you have, it's classy and modern, yet fun for sure!


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