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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hubby's Birthday :)

For Ryan's 27th birthday I wanted to make a big To Do, but of coarse he wanted the low key route, and dinner date with yours truly!  So we got a sitter, the dime piece duo of Jared and Bethany, and off to Samuria for some amazing sushi~~ best in Nashvetgas!

Umm... do you think a couple of flyers were stapled here once or twice??? this graced our presence as we stepped out of the car by Samurai!
us <3
Rolly Polly!  Vandy roll on the left, fruity tutie something or another on the righty, scrumptious!!
Ry's spicy Smörgåsbord board :)
My hand made feathered headpiece I thought appropriate to don for this special occasion!
3 of my favs, tortoise shell/white shades~scripts b/c i'm now blind as a bat, white ringy clutch and Sushi sticks :)
Then finished the night off with some sweetnesss!!
And I have to show off the funny card I made for Ry out of some construction paper!  Thought what could be a better gift than some sassy lingerie teheee!  Made this fun craft in less then 15 min!  Top and bottom match perfectly and then you write in the middle.  Loves it!!

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  1. :) you're cute. looks like it was a great celebration. Happy Birthday Ryan.


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