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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Changing Blog Name

Sooo... I'm thinking of changing my Blog name.  In lieu of A Few Of My Favorite Things I'm thinking of calling it The Freckled Pumpkin. 
My reasoning behind the change is this:
1- I have come across 3 other blogs with the same name (one of which I link up to a weekly Link Party, not good)
2- The two loves of my life (Ryan & Wyndham) are Redheaded Freckled beauties, which I call Freckled Pumpkin heads. 
3- I have the feeling all my chitlin's will be beautiful reds as it runs ramped on both sides, my mother, my granmother both reds.  My husband, both his brothers, his uncle, his Aunt all reds.  Love me some Red heads :)
Speaking of Redheads, have you seen the newest Harry Potter.  Is Ron not adorable??!!
Let me know what you think of the name!  Need some feedback!


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