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Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Trick to Out-Of-The-Box Baking

Now I am not a cuisine Queen or connoisseur of baked goods, but I can
make some pretty mean out-of-the-box brownies, cakes and cupcakes~~
and truly I'm not one to brag so listen up!  Super easy trick passed
down from my all-knowing Momma (although she can whip baked goods up
from scratch, unlike me). If you are baking brownies add ingredients
as directed on the box, I usually opt for Betty Crocker triple chuck, 1001029_016000467903_A_400.jpg
my personal fav :) Then simply add 3/4 a block of cream cheese, mix
until well blended and then bake as directed. They will be the
gooiest most fudge like brownies ever! I promise you! I suggest
serving warm with 2 scoops of Peppermint Stick Ice Cream over top.
The perfect holiday treat and is beyond uuhh-mazing :) peppermint-stick-le-8326.png

Now if using cake batter, follow directions in the back of the box,
then add 1 cup of Sour Cream and mix until well blended. Yes I said
sour cream people, not a typo, but I swear you will not taste it, not
one bit, my husband hates sour cream and there for I do not tell him I
do this and he LOVEEESSSS my cupcakes or as I like to call them
Pamcakes. Bake as directed. Cool. Frost and decorate to your liking
:)  I highly suggest my absolute favorite--

Side note, I usually use reduced fat or fat free Sour Cream and Cream
Cheese. You can't taste any difference when baked so why waste the

img_9716.JPG.jpg  KosherDairySourCream-BreakstonesSourCreamFatFree_zoom_image1_26456.jpg

Hope this is helpful and you can possibly put this to good use with all of your Holiday Baking!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! 


  1. Brownies are my ultimate fav! I'm going to try this!!

  2. yummmmm - can't wait to try this!!


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