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Monday, June 4, 2012

Girl Update

The Girl Update! Time is going so fast and the girls are growing at such a rapid speed it's so hard to keep up. Paisley is 10 months and is curious and mobile. She is pulling up, standing on her own and has taken a few steps. She thinks she is capable of a lot more than she really is at this point, I can see it in her face thinking "sissy walks, why can't I?" and then low and behold she has a new bruise on her cheek. Pais is eating full on table food and even saying a few words like Baba (bottle), Dada, Mama, bye-bye and a new one this week Banana! She waves bye, blows kisses and does sign lanuage for all done. She is a busy busy girl and loves discovering new things, so much so that she is at a point where she does not like to be held (unless of course there are newcomers around). Pais is still my shy girl, she takes longer to warm up to people than Wyndham, who has yet to find a stranger! We have a couple nicknames for Paisley, most commonly she's called "Sissy", Ry also call her "Happy Feet" b/c those things are never still, we also say she is our Watcher or Observer, she watches everything. She is so observant, you can watch her study things and almost see the wheels turning in her head as she comes up with a game plan for her next move. Her personality reminds me so much of Ryan, the way she accesses a situations, whereas Wyndham and I both dive it, head first, Geronimo Style...

Now Wyndham, oh goodness by funny little quirky thing. She is at such a fun age where she repeats everything, she has an amazing memory and such a sweet and kind heart. Every night she says, "sissy i love you, you my best friens". It's all we can do not to tear up every time. And she has such a quirky and fun personality but she sure is  wild.  She reminds me so much of myself with your funny cleaning and type A tendencies, but you also remind me of your Daddy with your funny whit and hilarious faces. One of my favorite things you said this week was "Sissy your feet are more yeasty than mine"... Something only our family would find absolutely hysterical.  Wyndham is so open with her thoughts, feelings and love.  So affectionate and make friends so easily. Even walking through the grocery store Wyndham insists on saying "hi" to everyone and keeps saying it until she is responded to. We have been teaching Wyndham about praying and the power of laying hands on people. Every night she insist that I lay my hands on each boo-boo and pray for it. And this past week she laid her hands on Lindsey's knee and said "Lins I praying for your boo-boo".

Both the girls are so strong willed and when they set their mind on something there is no backing down. I love that strong spirit in both of them and pray for the guidance to shape and direct that in the
right way yet never break that spirit. They are alike yet so different. I love the unique qualities they possess but also love when I see some of the same threads running through both of them.

Love these girls to my deepest core!

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  1. Love it darling!! maybe we can follow each others blog?! XoXo


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