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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Teaching My Girls || Teaching Me

God is constantly working on me. Teaching me. I'm a work in
progress. I'm finding that the more simple lessons that I'm teaching my girls the more I'm seeing I still need to be taught. The more I see how I can improve. Again, God is using my girls to teach me. I
want to be the kind of woman I want my girls to grow up to be. The other night Wyndham accidentally hurt me, head-butted me in the face I believe, and she apologized, I got over it without a moments hesitation and we moved on. I could feel Ryan watching me, so I awaited his witty response and he simply said "These girls are going to teach you how to forgive". Most people who know me know that I
don't 'forgive and forget' easily. I wish I had that amazing ability like my husband to forgive and move past it, and truly truly move on. Ryan is such a great of example of being forgiving, mimicking so much what Jesus did and does. This happen last week and I keep thinking about that situation as well as the things I want to teach my girls,
the things that God is still teaching me. So many simple truths. So many things easier to say but a lot harder to live out. I want them to treat people how they want to be treated (not the way you feel they deserve to be treated). Start small and dream big. Have confidence, don't put yourself down. Have confidence in your faith. Confidence in who you are.
Believe you are good enough. Be honest and transparent. Be willing to
speak truth to friends even when it's hard, be willing to hear truth from friends even when it's hard. Seek and keep heart friends. Clean
up after yourself and show hospitality, but when the spirit is leading, leave the dishes! Be relational- build bridges to people's hearts and show them Jesus. Choose to believe. Choose to trust. Choose to love. Seek God and memorize scripture. Happiness is a
byproduct, make it. Be forgiving (please take lessons from Dada, it is
one of his gifts :). Don't hold grudges. Choose to see where you can
grow, where you can improve, see your mistakes and learn from them. See your wrong in situations/circumstances and relationships- choose to see what you can do to improve a relationship rather than how the other people wronged you. Know that you are forgiven. Know that you have God's grace. Choose to have joy in all circumstances. Be kind to people - even the ones that can do absolutely nothing for you. See God's gifts everywhere -- learn this early, don't wait until you're almost 30 to start seeing them-- such a joyous life you will have!

I wish I could say that I write these things from the other side, "that I've conquered these things, so take lessons on how to do it from me girls!" but I'm not there yet, not even close, LOL! Still working, still learning, still seeking! But these are truths some truths that I know and I aim to teach my girls, even if they don't get it right every time or forget. As my mother in law says, "we are on this journey together"—I
love that!

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  1. wow, that really moved me!! I am on the same journey. i do know that forgiveness was created for the forgiver and we need to remeber that the prisoner is us and we have the key!! God is amazing! I love you and your transparency and your love to serve others and our God!! xxoo


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