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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Firecrackers In My Blood

One of the moms from the Proverbs 31 ministry said this week "I'd like
to be a mom who handles mishaps and messes with a graceful, "That's
okay, Dear." But I was born with firecrackers in my blood"

Lawdy Lawdy so was I... my firecracker emotions run deep too. I wish I could always keep my cool, and have one of those calm and collected
responses at all times... instead of allowing my deep flowing
firecracker blood to take charge and have word vomit followed by the
feeling of remorse..... But I realize I have to make the choice to let
the Holy Spirit reign me in. I severly need God's spirit to interrupt
my fleshly tendencies so I can have gentle answers that turn away

I believe that God allows perspective changes that help us to see past
the here and now so that we can see God's truth that sets us free.
God has used an amazing woman in my life recently, she has gone
through a tragic loss, yet somehow she has managed to still have joy.
She has leaned on God and she has allowed Him to carry her through. I am
confident that God puts people in your life like that to give you
perspective, to see what it means to truly rely on Him. Thank you for
the encouragment my sweet friend.

Perspective changes make you go home and hug your babies extra tight,
allow you to truly SEE your blessings and not allow them to blur in with
some the messiness that accompanies life.


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