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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paisley James 1st Birthday Letter

Sweet Paisley James! In a few short hours you turn one. When I was rocking you to sleep tonight with your sweet little head cradled in my left arm and your chubby little legs tucked around my torso I kept thinking to myself, where has the past year gone??? I have throat embers just thinking about how quickly the past year has gone. I remember one year ago from this night right here I was laying in bed praying for you to arrive, praying that I could just hold you in my arms, see your pretty face and look into those eyes... Just see this little being I'd been growing for the past 14 months (or so it felt)... Kinda thought that wasn't too much to ask considering my due date had come and gone and I was still pregnant.

To say that 'time flies' doesn't give justice to the speed that time has moved this past year. This year has been a crazy but magical year. From the moment we laid eyes on you we were all completely smitten. Safe to say you are dearly loved! Wyn has been a great big sister to you since you arrived; she is a bit rough at times... sorry she is still learning, but to be honest most of the time she is trying to help and keep you save. She loves to tell everyone "this is my sissy and her name is Paisy" and she has been known to get a bit protective of you on occasion. I just about die every night when she says to you "goodnight sissy, you my bess friend". You have a built in best friend. Having the two of you 18 months apart has been a touch crazy here and there but I wouldn't change it one bit!

You are a beauty queen on the outside and beyond amazing on the inside. You are a little timid at times and you like familiar-- so long as mommy, daddy, sissy or Lindsey are with you you're golden. You are a sensitive soul-- to put it lightly. If we tell you no, you cry as if someone stole your bones. You are strong- willed and tenacious; I wholeheartedly believe that those characteristics will serve you well and bring you far in life. You have an impectable memory. Most people say that you favor me, you have my blonde hair, my pointy chin, my brow and my eyes, but I see a lot of your father in there too. The way you hold your mouth- your smirk when you play, your frown when things go south. You have perfected the pouty lip and chin quiver. The way you watch things and your personality definitely favors Daddy.

I think that as you mature you will be very wise and objective. You already are observant and tender and a thinker. I love to watch you observe. You will watch someone do something with an intensity and then get up and mimic it almost exactly (well... almost... as much as can be expected with your newly found walking skills). You love to do anything Wyn does, you follow her around and you don't like her leaving you behind, not in the slightest. The current fav game between you and sis is the curtain game - which consists of the two of you crawling behind the curtain and sitting there laughing for 20 minutes at a time. I love being on the outside of your little jokes. And you are so tender and sweet, I love when you are playing and you will crawl over just to lay your head on me and give me a wet slobbery open mouth peck and then turn around and go about your business of play. And you are patient, Wyn has a little hair fetish, and you let sissy play with your hair, and pull you around like her live baby doll-- that is until you've had enough at which point you let everyone in a surrounding radius of a quarter mile know that you're done by letting out one of your famous high pitched, glass shattering squeals.

If we could describe in 10 words: tenacious, quiet, loving, sensitive, thinker, amusing, timid, mischievous, beautiful and expressive.

I love you to my deepest core my sweet little lamb. I would give you my last breath. I pray for you daily.


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