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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the girl update

CanNOT believe I have a 1 and a 2 1/2 year old... Paisley is walking  running and saying a handful of words. Her personality is really developing and LOVE to watch it unfold. She is timid yet tenacious.  She has these sweet little shy moments where she hides her dainty little face. Had her checkup yesterday... man I HATE those. I cry with them every time they gets shots. I'm a wuss. Along with a hanful of words, Paisley has learned no. Everything is no. She shakes her head for every question, pretty funny. Another funny, at the doctor's office yesterday, she was walking around to people saying "HEY". oh and, she is the messiest eater ever! EVER!
And Wyn... oh Wyn, she is a hot hot mess. Just this morning I rolled over because my alarm went off to see her staring at me. She said "Today it is my happy birthday, I am having a birthday cake, and I get my face dirty and I need a party dress". She is very into storytelling and long runon sentences. She has developed quite an imagination and she loves to tell us stories, along with telling us what to do. She told me this week "I am the momma, I am the boss"- verbatim... Another one of Wyndham's catch phrases is "I love you with Ice Cream" which cracks us up every time, and I don't know where she got that from or where she got the phrase "you don't be fresh" but she has coined both and they will forever be Wyndham-isms.  Oh... and she always says "Yes Ma'am" to dada, I die every time!

Favorite moment of the week: Wyndham came over and squeezed me and sissy around our necks for one of her "bear hugs" and said "Awww, I love you guys!"


  1. The girls looks so precious, Pammy. So happy to hear you, Ryan and the family are doing so well. You both deserve it. :) Miss you. You always had a way of cracking me up.


  2. What great descriptions of this moment in your daughters' lives! Love the photos, too, especially the last one.


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