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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Last night, knowing that I was to host Bible study at my house the following night, I was down stairs doing the frantic cram jam into closets, pantries to hide junk, dusting counters and spot cleaning the floors, all the while trying to entertain my Toddler- quite a feat. Finally I get Wyndham down, whew! So I mix up my new recipe for White Choc Chip Coconut Macaroons and through it in to bake. Knowing that I have 30 minutes til the timer goes off, I run upstairs to draw a warm bath and put my feet up before I go back down stair to take out the dish and finishing prepping the Bruschetta {since I know I will have very very limited time between work and the girls arriving for dinner}.

As I start to draw the water I realize there is something floating in the water. take a closer look. DUST, my enemy! Yes it has been that long since I have relaxed in our gorgeous tub. Sad but true. So I instantly turn off the water and hop in the damp tub and proceed to scrub the whole thing. from top to bottom. Ahhh yes, spotless. Now I can relax. Now I start over with the drawing the bath process. I sit down in the tub, look at my watch and realize that my 30 minutes has now turned into 17. Ok a little more than 1/2 the time left, not great but I’ll make it work.

So I sit down. As close to the faucet as possible as i'm cold from the air vent that somehow always manages to shoot straight on me in the tub no matter how I maneuver that beast! Sitting so close to the water, I get a cute glimpse of myself in the convex mirror like thing at the foot of the tub {really I have no idea what this is called or what it is for. i think i recall my dad telling me one time when i was very young that he put that there to make sure i knew where to stop the water at. aka. if you fill it past there and overflow the tub or run up my water bill i will spank you ha!} Anywho, back to the mirror like object that loves to distort my body into funny shapes. I look at myself in there and can't help but think i really resemble an orangutan. big pot belly, enlarged chest (not that I’m complaining about that! one huge perk for this flatty appreciates during pregnancy), and small head. Really this little mirror is not kind and does do a number on the reflection. Surely my heads not that small, right? I do however think that very pregnant woman do resemble an orangutan to some regard, kinda funny if you think about it, but still reflection- not nice! so I decide to lay back on the cold tub awaiting it to fill. About the time it gets high enough to cover my belly, the timer goes off and I have to get back to being domestic.

Please don't get me wrong I love being domestic- cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing, crafting, blogging, DIYing, decorating and above all being a mother and wife. But this is my down fall too. I just can't let things go, ever! That is why I’m sleep deprived. There is a reason sleep deprivation is used as torture. I get mean. I get cranky. And I know my issue, yet I just can't change it.

Sleep deprived I lay in bed knowing that my macaroons are cooked and tub is dust free and can sleep more soundly... must weigh the options. what is the lesser of 2 evils right??.....

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  1. Ugh. We sound a lot alike. It's true, things always seem less daunting if I could just get a nap, but I'm such a perfectionist, I never get enough sleep. If you ever figure out the lesser of the two evils, let me know!!! :)


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