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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

3D pictures of my Sweet Paisley

Had an ultrasound yesterday to check on a few things per the Docs request.  All is well with Paisley, praise the Lord!!!  She is healthy as can be and is the 30th percentile :) 

AND huge added bonus, we got some 3D snapshots of her sweet face :) :) Here are my 2 favs!  I think she favors her big sissy a bit!  Can't wait to meet her in 8 weeks (give or take a few -- oh Lord please take a few b/c you know I can't handle another baby 2 weeks late AND in the middle of summer no less!!!)  I am so anxious to hold her and see her face to face!!

We love her so much already!  Even big sister tries to give her kisses already, so sweet!

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  1. Paisley is just absolutely precious, stinkin cute!....of course! And your pic up top is just gorgeous friend! So happy and thankful all was well with the U.S. !!!!! :)


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