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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ultrasound says its....

probably a GIRL!!  Ultrasound tech lady could NOT believe how uncooperative this little 'youngin' was being and said she was gonna get a whooping!  Hhaahah! Most fun ultrasound I've ever had, fun experience however what we believe to be our sweet baby girl literally had both of her hands between her legs and had her legs crossed almost the entire time, oh and was on her head backward-- which equals most  difficult position to see the sex.  However they got 2 quick glimpse of what they said are to be some female parts!  They said they are 99% sure.  That's pretty good probability, so yay for sisters!! Now to decide on a name... decisions decisions!

Profile shot of baby curled in a ball with her hand up.  The Thinker!
and the PROBABLY a girl picture :)

More details to come later!  Happy Monday ya'll! xoxoxoxo

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