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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello! Will you be my Valentine?! Love, The Princess

Ummm, hello??

Will you be my Valentine?

Why hello!  Happy Valentine's Day.  Please all hale to the Princess, see the crown?  Yes please raise your hand as I am doing.  Thank you.


   Need to go get dressed, can't spend all of Valentine's Day in a towel people!!

Ry and I celebrated Valentine's Day by dining at Maggiano's, and it was beyond AMAZING!  I love their fresh bruschetta!!  Then I made my own version of homemade Reeses' Lollipops.  Ryan was a big fan, as was Wyndham's teacher :) :)
 wore my new Lucky TALL TALL boots, express blazer, skinny jeans, and a Red/Black hounds tooth made by me!!  And Ryan was just plain handsome in his jeans, driving mocks and blazer.  He is my Forever Valentine  <3 

 almost gone, we've got issues.  It's called I'm pregnant and eating WAYY too much.  sad, but true.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!! This is how we celebrated ours :) :) 

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  1. i just love this blog!!!!! AND THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE IN IT:)My family is my world
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! xxoo


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