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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wyndham's Cupcake Party

Finally, 1 month later I am posting pictures of Wyndham's 1st Birthday Party. Sorry for the delay but I truly have been very busy lately...  It was all this cupcake!  Down to the labels on the water bottels and she even got her very own cupcake cake :)  What a special day for our sweet Wyndham Lee!

 Cupcake invites!  Each one was unique!  Made using the all Mighty Cricut-- the personal electronic cutting machine.  Amazing invention!!

I tried to stay with a pink and blue cupcake theme.  Pink obviously for our girly girl and blue to make it boy friendly as well b/c all of our friends have little boys. 

The Cupcake cake!  Daddy even decorated the chair for the birthday girl all on his own.  The cupcake banner is made of 2 kabob sticks and pretty card stock.
Cake Pops!  So good and so cute looking like little cupcakes!  Courtesy of Aunt Erin from Sweet Euphoria Desserts.

 We kept the menu simple yet cute.  All glass or white serve ware, PB&J sandwiches shaped like a cupcake using the cupcake cookie cutter from Bake it Pretty, fruit and cheese, pigs-in-a-blanket, veggie tray and a some crossiant sandwiches.  Pretty display, wish I would have taken more pics!

Reagan indulging in some yummy frosting at the cupcake decorating station :)

 Pinata fun!!
 Pre-made cupcakes for those not wanting to decorate their own, pink poinsettia courtesty of JoAnn's Sale rack, and chocolate and white chocolate cupcake pops.

The Birthday girl posing for a picture, love her!!

Kids LOVE cupcakes!!

 Label usage.

 How amazing are the hot pink Driving Moccasins Wyn wore??  Had to get a close up.
 Cupcake liner heaven....
 Old pics at the party to reminsce.
 Cupcake stackers! Such an amazing invention!  We got ours from Amazon, great deal and we'll use them over and over and over!  Have a little obsession with cupcakes.

Time to devour the giant cupcake :)

 here you try it mommy, so yummy!

 more pics!  See the tiny cupcake on the frame, got a cupcake punch from JoAnn's.  Love that place :)


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