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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Flower Tags- How To

So for Erin's baby shower we did a Pirate theme.  Actually it was pretty easy to come up with seeing as Jason and Erin are already pirates at heart. {I guess their Jolly Roger flag in the garage gave them away...}
For the shower Lauren was in charge of the flowers.  And she did an UH-mazing job.  The key to any shower/party/event is to divide and conquer.  Many hands make the load light :)  And stay w/ theme or color and you've got an amazing party on your hands!

Lauren and I decided that these flowers needed a little piratey touch to it, so I can up with these tags.  I stole the pirate dude image from our invite {see image and invite below}.

I purchased some labels, Avery 5294 to be exact.
I opened word and inserted the image of the pirate dude and added some words above it by using Word Art.  When you are satisfied w/ the layout, print!

Now, I got kabob stick, b/c they are thin but still sturdy, and long enough to stick above the flower arrangments.  And most importantly, inexpensive!! I peeled off 2 labels and gently placed the stick in the center of one label then stuck it to the other label.  Make sure both are facing up and try to line up the edges as best as possible, you can use scissors if you are a little off, nbd :)

Stick in your flowers and vwella!!  Flower tags, or whatever you want to call them ha!! An easy little extra to add a lot of pizzazz!!

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