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Thursday, July 5, 2012

OBX, NC 2012

Here are some pictures for our 2012 Outer Banks Trip.  Had so much fun and we are already missing those beautiful beaches so much!!  This was Paisley's first trip to the beach so we may or may not have taken a few extra pictures of her : /  Not showing favoritism, just capturing a first :)

 Now see... This picture I almost didn't put it in b/c I look ROUGHHH but I couldn't not b/c Wyn's bedhead and Pais' sleep face were so cute.  We woke up before the sunrise and decided to do the rollout and drive down to the beach.  Us in the raw.  No make up, nothing. And bedhead all around.  Enjoy that little treat!

 We stayed in Outer Banks, NC, in the 4x4 area.  I highly suggest visiting if you have not yet done so!


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