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Monday, July 2, 2012

Sibling Love

Sibling Love. Sisters. There have been so many moments of the past 11
months were I have wanted to melt all over the floor due to the way my
girls love each other. They love each other so intensely, sometimes a
little bit more than the other ones liking... for example the way Pais
kisses Wyn open mouth, tongue out. And the way Wyn gets protective
over Pais approaching the stairs and will forcefully grab to her carry
to safe ground (Pais'face is beyond classic bc she is beyond put out,
pouty lip and all!) I love seeing the difference in these girls and
love noticing some of the same threads woven in them. I love that
they are getting old enough to snuggle each other and snuggles are
reciprocated both ways (in other words I'm not going berserk thinking
Pais is sure to not survive Wyn's brawny hugs and loving). I love the
way they make each other laugh and giggle about things that I don't
understand. I love how when me or Dada are hugging or playing with
one the other one wants to join in, but not in a jealous way (at least
not yet…praise Jesus) I come from a big family, 4 girls to be exact.
I'm not naive and I know that it will not always be sunshine and roses
but my hope and prayer is that beyond siblings they will be best
friends and will know how to talk through things, love each other and
forgive each other. Even now they have their little tiffs, but I love
to watch them make-up. I love Wyndham's little apologies and
Paisley's slobbery kisses in return. I hope that they continue to
grow together and be there for each always, through the fun time and
the hard times. My fav mommy of 2 moment is every night at bed time
Wyn says, "love you Sissy, you my best friend".


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