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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wyndham's 2nd Birthday Letter

Every year on our daughters birthdays we write a letter to them. Below  is the letter we wrote to Wyndham this past January, but I just realized I never posted as I originally intended - I'm going to blame it on "mommy brain"!

Dear Wyndham (or Wyn Wyn as you like to call yourself as of late),

Wow, here we are another year later. You just turned 2 and none of us can believe it! It is crazy and so bizarre how fast the past 2 years of gone! A lot has happen in the past 2 years; you have grown physically and are more so a little girl than a baby, your hair is getting long and you love to have it in braids and ponies. It is so sweet, your Daddy has learned to braid and you request for him to braid it every night after your tubby, and of course he does because his is wrapped around your pink. You have matured and developed in many ways from last year, your vocabulary amazes us every day, you continue to say new phrases and put things together, it's like we can actually see you putting things together. You watch and observe me and daddy and you want so badly to be like us, it is so flattering.  When you take your shoes off you want them to be lined up right next to mine, and when you see Daddy with a coffee cup you will ask for drink so that you can line yours right up next his. Really you are so smart, nothing gets by you.

Another big change in your life from your 1st birthday is you have become a big sister! You are already an amazing big sister; you love your 'sissy'! You call her 'sissy' and we love that, you even have the little neighbor girls calling Paisley 'sissy'! You love to hold her and kiss and you often do so without being provoked in any way. When you hurt yourself you love to have mommy and daddy kiss it and then you will say, "Sissy kiss too" and you will pull her pacifier out and then shove whatever appendage is injured into her both and then say "feel better". And you are already protective of her; you don't like people you don't know talking to her or touching her. At night
when I rock her to sleep, you love to sneak in and say "I rock sissy down too" and climb up in the rocker with us. When we go down the stairs you love for me to hold both of you and then you put your arm around Paisley and you say "I got you sissy".

You have an infatuation with the color yellow and all things girly. You love your (fake) lipstick, purses and you LOVE to play dress up. We got you new clothes and shoes for Christmas and you were so enthusiastic and delighted about it! We put your new outfit on and you came downstairs and I said "Poppy look at Wyndham's new outfit" and he responded with "What a pretty Jacket", you then kicked your foot out and said "Shoes too Poppy" which of course made all of us burst out laughing. You really are "God's gift to comedy" already- as your daddy would say.

A few words that I think would describe you well right now are: Funny, Fearless, Charismatic and lovable.  I'm not one to believe in Karma… but let's just say that me and Daddy are getting what we deserve with your tantrums. You are so strong willed and we are working with you to talk through your melt downs and insane tantrums. This strong will that is in you will be a great and amazing thing; it will be the driving force to accomplish so many great things in life! I assure you, you will be
successful at whatever you do! You are coordinated, beautiful, and smart and everyone you meet immediately loves you. You have yet to have a teacher or babysitter that has not told me that you are their favorite.

We love you big girl! Happy 2nd Birthday!


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