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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunshine Burgers

These are one of my favs and they are so perfect delish dish for Spring! So simple too!  We grilled out last night, a beautiful night for grilling, really hoping for more of these to come!

Burger meat of your choice (I usually opt for lean ground beef or ground turkey)
Bacon (or turkey bacon like I used)
Sliced Pineapple Rings
Sliced Cheese (my fav w/ this dish is cheddar, but american would do)
BBQ Sause

~Simply season your meat to taste.  I used some Season All, Dried Onion bits, and a dash of Garlic Salt.  Then form season meat into patties and throw then on the grill!

~While burgers are grilling cook bacon, if your grill cooks fast you may want to start this prior to throwing burgers on the grill.

~Once burgers are cooked to perfection add a small dallop of BBQ Sauce, a pineapple ring, bacon and top with cheese.  Allow to cook long enough just for the cheese to melt.  Place on a perfectly toasted bun and enjoy! 

~I like to add a little extra BBQ sauce to the bun :)

We also grilled onion. YES onions.  One of our favs!!  Just slice a sweet vadalia onion into thin rings.  Place on the grill and top with Italian dressing.  Grill on both sides and serve!  So easy and a great side dish- and I don't normally eat onions at all!!

Hope you are all enjoying spring and the outdoors as much as possible!

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  1. YUM!! I'll be over for dinner at 6:00 :-). Those looks A-mazing!!



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