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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grease Burger

While in West Palm Beach, FL we had a fabulous dinner with some sweet friends at Grease Burger Bar on Clematis St, downtown.  It was amazing!  Any place that stamps their name into the bun makes it to the top of my list -- which really is a great place to be, seeing as I'm quite the food connoisseur (aka I just eat way too much these days) and particularly burgers haha!  Paisley James, why do you crave burgers so much??--- see, totally not my fault see!  They were rated Best Burger of 2010 in the Palm Beaches and Treasure Coast.   Wowzer people, Big deal. Guess we're are kinda a big deal cause I ate there, no?
Grease Burger Bar, Cheap Eats Restaurants, Burger, 213 Clematis St West Palm Beach FL 33401
I had the Turkey Burger and it rocked my socks off!  So good, and apparently Ry took a liking to it as well as he polished it off for me on the ride home hahah!

 Wyndham chilling w/ the beautiful and witty CMC, LOVE her!
Partial Greymon Girls Reunion. {horrible horrible picture of me but had to post anyways...too good of a time not to}

Amazing night!  Well done Grease Burger :)  Miss you girls!!


  1. Grease is amazing!! Love these pics! xoxo

  2. oh wow. that burger looks fabulous! and your baby girl is absolutely adorable : )

    cute blog - i'm your newest follower


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