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Monday, April 25, 2011

Wyndham's Diary- My First Easter

Hello Everyone, Wyndham here.  Yesterday was my first Easter (well technically my 2nd, but being only a few weeks old last yr I slept my way through it-- so this is my first REAL Easter).  Proof:

It was a legit Easter.  Easter Bunny came, brought me some goodies, best of all some PUFFS in an EGG!! OMG, whoever tipped the bunny off to get me some of those, BIG THANKS!! Momma really thought I'd like the jammies, but come on, i'm only 15 months duh!  I did however enjoy my new kicks!  Who doesn't like a good pair of running shoes, and I have got a LOT of running to do!  Anywho, had fun ripping through the basket!

I wore a really cute dress for Easter, Mommy was so excited about the new floral dress however I messed that outfit BIG TIME!  Got out of that photo shoot haha!  Sorry now pics of that ladies & gents!  Nonetheless there was a photoshoot on Easter, I knew I should have never donned the Bunny Ears, BIG MISTAKE!  Well I guess if Aunt Jod wore them while she cooked Carrot Cake Cookies and Daddy did while he dyed eggs, its not so bad...

Also, we died Easter Eggs!  Needless to say I was very good at it.  I even ate some crayons, isn't that part of the process?!? It was a classy dye sported in some wine glasses.  Oh and we ate cookies, soo good!!

 Mommy said this one was her favorite, probably because I made it.  That and its obvious beauty!

A few updates on my life:
I've now added several new words to my vocabulary, some of which are Mimi (Grandmother), book, star, peas (please), all done, hi, bye, baby and sissy. 

I also do sign language, yes genius, I KNOW!  I sign: all done, please, more, food, thank you (which I get very confused with blowing kisses, but really, can you ever have too many kisses?  I think not).  Oh and I wave Bye-Bye, but I've kinda been doing that for a while, not new news people. 

Also, I run now.  Not just like walk fast people, but like totally put my head down and go!  Most of the time I run into stuff b/c I'm going so fast, or maybe b/c my head is down and I'm not looking.  Hence the need for the new Nikes, thanks again Bunny!

Also, I really like necklaces!  Any necklace I can get my hands on goes on!  My current fave to don is a bright shinny green "Happy St. Patrick's Day" necklace.  I like the long ones that sway when I walk, only issues with that is I tend to watch them sway a little to much while walking and I run into stuff. 
Mom and Dad find it amusing, IT'S NOT.

Additionally, I'm getting a little sister.  Here name is Paisley, but I call her sissy.  All I know is Mommy's belly is sure getting fat!  Obviously she doesn't run as much as me, maybe she needs some new Nikes like me to keep trim , hmmm...

Hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter!  He is Risen :)

P.S. For those wondering, I'm feeling much better!  I'm kicking pneumonia's butt!  Had me down and out of commission for short while, but I'm tough and on meds and fever free for 2 days!  Can't nobody hold me down, oh-no, I got to keep on movin!   (Inspiration courtesy of Mase & P-diddy)


  1. Such a cute post. What a babydoll. Looks like the Easter bunny was good to her :) My little guy had his "first" real Easter this year, too.

  2. too cute...very her new nikes..can't wait to see you all..lots of love Mom


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