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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sewing Room Re-Do

This has been a project in the works for MONTHS, so I am ever so excited to finally post it!  yay!

Here is the before, in it's most true state. Really sad, I know.

And, drum roll please, her is the AFTER:  (which i'd like to add that hubby did 80% of the work for this little makeover, so lets give him a little round of applause:)
note the new light fixture, Ry's idea and his installation :)  love him.
 peg board, problem solver extraordinaire

there are 2 mini clothes racks to hang my ever growing "to-do" projects. 

these baskets were an inspiration from Pottery Barn.  I ripped the page out of the magazine about a year ago, mind are obviously a little different but same concept.  I have all my scrap fabric in the one on the right, for some reason I can't throw out ANY FABRIC, ugg!


What do you think??  Still not 100% but sooo much better, no?


  1. Pammy!!! This looks amazing! I have been brainstorming about my studio / office and how to keep it cute but still be a functional work space...great ideas you have! xo

  2. amazing makeover!


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