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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tas-Tee Seafood Pasta Recipe

This is the recipe that I used as my guide that I got from my Aunt DiDi, and I altered it as she suggested by only using about a cup and a quarter of mayo, fresh shallots-no onion, I did not use the Henri's or red pepper and just a splash of the rice vinegar rather than amount called for.  I also threw some of the shrimp on top so everyone would know it had shrimp in it and it looked super cute.

How to make it

  • Cook pasta is salted water, till al dente and drain well, Cool.
  • When pasta is cooked and COOLED,
  • Mix in a measuring cup, all the ingredients from salt to dill (all seasoning are to taste), mix well
  • When pasta is cold, put in bowl and add the onion & carrots, and all the drained tuna & shrimp. Pour the Mayo mix slowly, (Do not put all in just in case there's too much)
  • Mix well, if you like more dressing add more.
  • Adjust seasoning to taste.
  • Chill before serving
  • For decoration on top: sliced hard boiled eggs, olives and sliced peppers


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